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Creating your own lingerie

The original concept was developed six years ago.

After purchasing a nice dress for an exceptional event, the founder of Apodesme did not find any lingerie to accompany it.

Among the models offered in different lingerie shops, the proposed materials and colors were not suitable for the dress style.

The conclusion is obvious! Women should be able to create their own lingerie.

Not only for their clothing but also for their current life.

Lingerie is an important part of fashion and must be:

- Unique
- Pleasant to wear
- Suitable to all morphologies

This is why Apodesme enables women to personalize their lingerie in different ambiances.

A single leitmotiv : Be yourself !


High quality tissues and manufacturers

Our main concern is your satisfaction. This is why we have selected the best European craftsmen for the materials and decided to have each piece of lingerie manufactured in France.

These manufactures are on the top of art and this excellence is just for you!